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Egging on England at Miss World 2011

Apart from when she’s jumping out of aeroplanes, Alize Lily Mounter is remarkably down to earth for someone who’s starred on Britain’s Next Top Model. She’s won dancing and athletic medals and she’s working hard to complete her degree. Somewhere in between she managed to fit in a win at the Miss Everymodel Magazine which qualified her for a place in Miss England. The rollercoaster of success didn’t end there; now she’s up for the ultimate beauty challenge. Alize Lily Mounter – Miss England 2011 – is now representing England in the annual glamfest that attracts over a billion viewers  worldwide, Miss World.

Miss England, Alize Lily Mounter

Miss England, Alize Lily Mounter

Alize and I had shared champagne earlier on in the year when we hung out at the Pure London Fashion Show together. Alize was modelling for my friends at custom couture dressmakers, Zeleb. Even before we’d started the champagne, Alize was bubbly and I was impressed by how much fun she was talk to; such a happy girl with a great sense of humour. Needless to say by the time she’d recounted her remarkable journey from pageant to pageant I’d really seen the sincerity in her. She’s having the time of her life doing what she loves and the world has been picking up on her great vibe which is why she keeps on getting more opportunities!

[blackbirdpie url=”!/MissEngland11/status/126291861139767296″]

When I found out that Alize was standing for England at Miss World I wondered what we could do to get behind her and show our support. This year Miss World is coming to home turf. The finals are being held and televised from Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, London and the girls are going to have 3 whole weeks of activities to work through beforehand. There’s one thing I couldn’t stand for. No way was our home girl going to get out blinged on home ground! To that end, I’ve organised that the best of British jewellery be made available for Alize as Make Me Beautiful become the Official Jewellery Sponsor to Miss England at Miss World 2011. Alize has available the latest range from London’s biggest accessories company, Fiorelli. Joining them are statement pieces from Adele Marie London and Zandra Rhodes, plus sparkle from Barbara Easton (she’s based in Maidenhead) and Elements, a fine silver jeweller from Essex.

Perhaps more important than just our jewellery, Alize carries our hopes and wishes. This year we may have been short on budgets but one thing they can never tax away from us is that Britain’s got beauty! Fingers crossed that world-class brands on a world-class beauty queen will be a world beating combination. Go Alize! Please tweet your support to Alize on @missengland11!

Fiorelli Friendship Bracelets Make the Cosmo Happy List

Fiorelli have long been having a passionate love affair with fashionistas and we’re pleased to say that the romance has become something of a deep friendship. Cosmopolitan Magazine noticed and Fiorelli’s Friendship Bracelets that launched in their season 6 collection not only caught the editor’s eyes, they made it all the way onto the Cosmo Happy List!

Fiorelli Friendship Bracelets top the Cosmo Happy List

Fiorelli Friendship Bracelets top the Cosmo Happy List

It was lovely to see Fiorelli’s Friendship Bracelets come in 1st in Cosmo’s Happy List and almost as much fun as sharing them with a best friend forever. Perhaps it’s because you can style them thin or mix and match them to suit your mood or to dress your friend up like candy! Here’s the Fiorelli Friendship Bracelets that are featured (note there are more as there are also silver tone versions):

Go tell someone you care about them – it tops the happy list!

Spotted: Zandra Rhodes at Neville Johnson

For a 71 year old there’s a decided girl-about-town feel to the one and only Zandra Rhodes! We spotted Zandra recently at London Fashion Week SS12 sporting her wonderful Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie Chunky Bead Necklace.

Well the lady gets about! Spotted again, this time at the flagship showroom of fitted furniture specialists, Neville Johnson:

Zandra Rhodes

Once again, Zandra is layering on the Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie Jewellery, with bracelets and necklaces. They go really well with her Zandra Rhodes bed linen in the shop window!

Cabinet Studios Jewellery Look Book from London Fashion Week SS12

We’ve recently been giving Cabinet Studios a fair amount of lip service after falling in love with their London Fashion Week SS12 jewellery collection. We thought only fair to share the love; here’s a look at their inspired SS12 Jewellery Look Book (click it for full screen):

Pure love at first sight! I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about Gemma and Zara from Cabinet Studios and their amazing jewellery soon.

Spotted at London Fashion Week SS12 – Zandra Rhodes

London Fashion Week SS12 has shown yet another explosion of style within the jewellery business yet there are few with a style as big and explosive as Zandra Rhodes! Spotted at Somerset House touring London Fashion Week with her assistant, Zandra Rhodes:

Zandra Rhodes at London Fashion Week SS12

Zandra Rhodes at London Fashion Week SS12

We love women with big personalities! Did you ever hear Marianne Williamson‘s beautiful speech of empowerment:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?…

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to manifest the glory of God within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give
other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others.”

Having met Zandra, I can tell you she absolutely does and as she said in August at the Pure London Fashion Show launch of her Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie Jewellery collaboration,

“If you design something and you don’t wear it, you don’t put your own back behind it so [when we created Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie] it had to be jewellery that I would be seen in.”

True to her word, Zandra Rhodes wore to London Fashion Week one of her new Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie Chunky Bead Necklaces! Glorious!

Earring & Jewellery Trends at London Fashion Week SS12

We’ve only just taken off our clip on earrings and let our sore feet out their London Fashion Week SS12 heels but the trends that make it worth putting that extra dessert away are now being made. And what a fashion week it was! Fashion156 Magazine tweeted:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Fashion156/status/116042375247302656″]

With lots of our designer friends exhibiting, we just had to make our way once more to the strikingly picturesque Somerset House to see their new collections and to get the full flavour of fashion’s future. Here are three of the biggest trends we picked up from both the London Fashion Week catwalks and exhibition:

Get Feminine:
Bora Aksu, Jena Theo and Emilia Wickstead all put bosoms on show on day one. London Fashion Week SS12 steps away from it’s recent flirtation with androgyny to re-declare a passionate love affair with the female form. This came through in accessories too, with jewellery designers mixing feminine curves with a dash of something cheekily subversive or playfully sinister.

The Jena Theo SS12 Catwalk at London Fashion Week

Geometrics Make a Statement
Powerful Aztec shapes with angular cuts and asymmetrical finishes make the season’s statement wear as Holly Fulton, Jaeger London and Sass and Bide all bounced the house in bold numbers. Brilliant Swarovski crystals, oversized pearls and multi-textural bodywork provide perfect staging and emphasis.

A necklace design by Miquella; one of several jewellers now making clip on earrings

A necklace design by Miquella; one of several jewellers now making clip on earrings at London Fashion Week

Go Wild
Erdem, Christopher Kane and Ashish brough florals to textiles and House of Holland brough cute animal prints onto the catwalk. The jewellery fash pack had these designer’s backs covered with a complete arc of flora and fauna inspired accessories to accent an outfit. Luxury bombshell designer, Mawi, showed not only their stunning main collection by also their new Minnie Mawi collaboration with Disney Couture. Think DeadMau5 gets a P-Diddy bling makeover and you’re halfway to visualising this cute collection. Renaissance continues her Swedish soft spot for deer and Cabinet Studios edgy collection was brought back from the future by antler-esque pendants made by casting real coral. Les Néréides continues to have more characters than a weekend in Narnia with softly seductive flowers keeping the collections fresh as a Spring sunrise.

A floral clip on earring by Les Néréides

A floral clip on earring by Les Néréides

Another jewellery putting in a strong collection was Lola Rose, the 10 years old brand that specialises in exquisite cut natural gemstones in chunky rings, necklaces and earrings. Over the past couple of years they’ve truly bloomed and it’s wonderful to see them going from strength to strength in spite of the economy.

With the price of gold soaring Lola Rose’s emphasis on semi-precious stones rather than precious metals gives them an advantage over the metalworkers. We have one jeweller who can’t give us a fixed price for gold jewellery anymore; it’s looked up on a chart according the price of gold on the day of purchase. Naturally this means a lot more designers are introducing gold plated ranges to compliment their traditional pure gold lines and there’s also an increased interest in other materials. Cabinet Studios lead the pack in innovation, mixing in wood, metal, crystal, mother of pearl and more to create emotionally charged statement pieces invigorated with a young energy.

Whether it’s gold, rock or crystal that sets your inner Magpie chirping, there’s tons of fantastic new ways to accessorise the trends coming off of the London Fashion Week SS12 catwalk. We’ll bring you more updates as new clip on earrings become available to mix and match the trends.

The Bad News About Our Feather Clip On Earrings in Grazia

When it comes to calling the shots in fashion, the editors of Grazia are one step below Aphrodite. Their eye for style combined with a finger that’s more sensitive to the pulse than a mother on her newborn, Grazia’s editors have developed a near unrivalled reputation as the go-to authority for female fashion.

Grazia 335 cover featuring Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga

Grazia 335 cover featuring Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga

This issue featured Lady Gaga’s style (she’s releasing a new fashion collection – yes, really!) and whole feature on feather earrings:

Grazia Feather Earring Feature

Grazia Feather Earring Feature

FLYING OUT OF STORES – quite literally – this week are feathered earrings. These neck ticklers are the fash pack’s new obsession du jour – so much so that we’ve had reports of hip girls Stateside buying the entire contents of fly-fishing stores to make their own feathered earrings – leaving some angry fishermen in their wake. You can probably guess where this started: yes, the Isabel Marant catwalk. Her runway girls weren’t complete without a feathered earring (worn singly, not as a pair), and we all know that where Isabel Marant goes, the style-conscious follow. Or flock. We’ve heard from a little birdie that A-list haute hippies like Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens are all at it, so we’ve plucked the very finest plumes from designer brands and hunted the high street for the best versions on a budgie (sorry, budget) for your perusal. Let your new look take flight now!

I’m sure some of my regular readers will be able to spot our Peacock Feather Clip On Earrings:

Peacock Feather Clip On Earrings

Peacock Feather Clip On Earrings

Grazia featured our clip on earrings in their Summer Festival Fashion Feature but the Peacock Feather Clip On Earrings were already a massive hit before this recent press went out, especially with our US fashionistas. So much so that by the time I even saw the Grazia copy, we’d sold out and were making apologies.

Ladies, I know, I know… I’m sorry but they are discontinued. We’re a fashion store so we only make so many. Once they’re gone they’re gone.

Here’s what I’m going to do to make sure our Make Me Beautiful girls stay at the forefront of fashion. I have left in stock a limited number of the Tickle Me Pretty Clip On Earrings that Grazia covered as celebrity style in June (although some colours sold out already) plus a few of other styles such as the Long Feather Clip On Earrings. Up until the 9th September, I’ll put a sale on all of these so that anyone who missed the feather earrings they initially wanted has a chance to get something just as stylish but for a little less. But grab some now because they’re flying away fast!

Zandra Rhodes Interviewed by Laura McCreddie – Part 2

In the second part of this interview with Laura McCreddie, editor of Retail Jeweller Magazine, Zandra Rhodes and Adele Vanderkar talk about collaborating on the Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie jewellery collection. Questions included why Zandra thinks the line holds it’s head up high against the Lanvin for H&M collaboration and which is her favourite piece from the jewellery range!

You can view part 1 of this interview, see some of the press coverage of Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie or purchase your favourite today!

Zandra Rhodes Interviewed by Laura McCreddie – Part 1

It’s a really big deal when a designer as prominent as Zandra Rhodes launches a collaboration collection so when the range was unveiled at the Pure London Fashion Show, Laura McCreddie, editor of Retail Jeweller Magazine was on hand to interview Zandra Rhodes and Adele Vanderkar of Adele Marie on collaboration, creativity and everything pink (including pink champagne and pink cupcakes!).

We’ll post part 2 of the Zandra Rhodes for Adele Marie jewellery collaboration interview shortly. Do check out the jewellery collection!

Zandra Rhodes in the Sunday Express Magazine

As we send a big congratulations to all those bright things that made this year’s A-level passes a record, The Sunday Express Magazine took a look at four people with fame and fortune to see what the recipe for success is. Amongst them was Zandra Rhodes, who’se new jewellery collaboration with Adele Marie launched recently.

Zandra Rhodes in the Sunday Express Magazine

Zandra Rhodes in the Sunday Express Magazine (click to enlarge)

Well done Zandra and well done to all of you who walk in her footsteps!