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Fashion Edits For Clip Earring Lovers

Reinventing Rodney Holman

Rodney Holman‘s collection of gorgeous gold plated clip on earrings and ravishing rhodium jewellery has been a non-stop seller since we introduced his lines. One clip on earring of his we’ll be sad to see the end of is his Gunmetal Blue Clip On Earrings:

Rodney Holman Gunmetal Blue Clip On Earrings

Rodney Holman Gunmetal Blue Clip On Earrings

It’s mix of striking design with quality you can feel was the secret behind it’s sell out success. Speaking to me earlier this week, Rodney Holman told me that he will be introducing a variation line later this year updated with colours for this season. We’ll be getting together with Rodney Holman next month to discuss his new designs for the year and look forward to bringing you lots of new juicy gossip about his forthcoming clip on earring collections.

Adding Clip On Earrings to Your Valentine’s Day Style

Valentine’s Day is such a big event, it’s no wonder so many of us end up trying on half of our wardrobe to find the perfect outfit for the perfect night. To give a few ideas we’ve consulted the style talent on Polyvore who’ve come up with hundreds of outfits and looks featuring our clip on earrings this month.

One thing has come through clearly – you don’t need to spend a thousand pounds to look a million dollars. All three of the sets we’re about to share use dresses that are available from £35 to £85. Combine that with lipstick, styled hair and a matching pair of clip on earrings and the effect is enchanting! Let’s take a look.

Our first style set is by Krissee and features a dress from with our Weathered Bohemian Disc and Crystal Clip On Earrings. OK, so the $24k slave bondage ring from was a little over budget, but who knows, I’m sure at least one woman reading this will end up the happy owner of a new ring by the end of Valentine’s Day!

228 by Krissee featuring wrapped jewelry

We love the way the smouldering grey highlights the make up’s colours!

Going softer, IssaaClar’s Club set features a £35 Strapless dress with chiffon drape overlay from Axparis. Adding killer fabric softened heels and our Golden Globe Drop Clip On Earrings makes this set so sexy, he’ll be salivating before you even get served your Valentine’s dinner!

Gold and chiffon is dreamy – so romantic!

Our final style suggestion comes from linda lady. She’s combined a £48 dress from Jane Norman with plenty of make up, flower bobby pins and our Rodney Holman Pink Teardrop Clip On Earrings to make really cute outfit:


14.<3<3…. by linda lady featuring pink jewelry

Valentine’s Day is a memory you can treasure and share forever. Thanks to Krissee, IssaaClaar and linda lady for their ideas on how to make it the most special night yet.

Bronze Age Ends

Yes, OK, I’m privelaged in some ways. I get to see every clip on earring range that arrives in our shop. I also get to see the hundreds of other designs offered to us by independent jewellers and designer jewellery brands. Rather than just keep churning out more of the same old stuff, I’ve made a point of trying to choose just the clip on earrings that have something so nice about them that my pulse races just for a second!

Our own brand Minxy’s Jewellery launched it’s first collection in November 2010. The first sell out clip on earrings were an edgy bead classic that I know will get worn over and over again:

Dangly Cluster Beads Clip On Earrings

Dangly Cluster Beads Clip On Earrings

Hardly surprising it flew it of the shelves in the winter party season, right? Today another has gone too.

Bead Cluster Long Clip On Earrings - Bronze

Bead Cluster Long Clip On Earrings - Bronze

Our Bead Cluster Long Clip On Earrings were chosen because the chunky, coarse cut beads were of an unusually reflective nature – pure magpie bait! Taking the classic bead thread off on this unexpected modern twist makes for a highly wearable clip on earring that really will do your smile the justice it deserves. If you were lucky enough to grab a pair of these limited edition designer clip on earrings, long may you make our world more beautiful in them. Thank you making our collection a success.

You Love to Twist!

Last night launched another 12 new clip on earrings and soaring into the most loved spot according to public votes in the first 24 hours on are our Metal Twist Dangle Clip On Earrings:

Metal Twist Dangle Clip On Earrings

Metal Twist Dangle Clip On Earrings

Combining textures and shapes in metal curls, this clip on earring is one to party in. It’s also going to be a limited edition – once the short run we have sells, that’ll be it.

Speaking of twists, we’ve also been inspired today by Lilylo from Croatia who created this outfit on Polyvore featuring our Rodney Holman Black Enamel and Gold Plated Petal Clip On Earrings in a style set called Whisper. It’s getting me in the mood for a Valentine’s date already!


whisper by Lilylo featuring black earrings

In time for the sexiest night of the year, we’ve plenty of new choices for clip on earrings in store. If you’re buying for your date, take a look at the designer clip on earrings. Prices in this section range from £7.99 through to £60 with most designer clip on earrings in the £10 to £20 range. Our Fiorelli Jewellery lines come in gorgeously sexy dark packaging including Fiorelli organza bags:

Fiorelli Organza Bags

Fiorelli Organza Bags

These organza bags hold the jewellery which is then placed within a Fiorelli Pillow Pack:

Fiorelli Pillow Packs

Fiorelli Pillow Packs

This creates a beautiful gift experience as well as means you won’t need to worry with the hassle of gift wrap. Fiorelli is a world reknown brand and it’s high quality jewellery melts the heart when touched. There’s also the sterling silver and gemstone clip on earring collection by Angel Rocks, great for the woman who lives by her chakras, our own Minxy’s Jewellery collection, some luxury pieces by suppliers of Harrods and Harvey Nichols, Adele Marie London, and finally the Rodney Holman clip earring collection which is the range Lilylo used in her Polyvore set we saw earlier. Rodney Holman’s pieces are either 18ct gold or rhodium plated and you can feel the quality.

If you’re chosing for yourself, there’s plenty of alluring clip on earrings in our burlesque ranges. If I had to pick three highlights what would they be?

Black Gold Crystal Flower Drop Clip On Earrings

Black Gold Crystal Flower Drop Clip On Earrings - £8.95

Dark Crescent Clip On Earrings

Dark Crescent Clip On Earrings - £9.99

Gunmetal Plate Chandelier Clip On Earrings

Gunmetal Plate Chandelier Clip On Earrings - £9.99

There will be more to follow shortly as more clip on earrings launch and with over 600 lines to choose from we’d love to help add that little accent that makes the night extra special.

New Clip On Earrings Launch

We’re pleased to say we launched 19 new clip on earring lines yesterday! There are new button clip on earrings, pearl clip on earrings, vintage clip on earrings and several in the bohemian, burlesque and gothic and clubwear clip on earring style categories. Initial responses were overwhelming with our Ecclectic Chandelier Clip On Earrings receiving the most love on Fashiolista:

Ecclectic Chandelier Clip On Earrings

Ecclectic Chandelier Clip On Earrings

These are one of several statement pieces in the new clip on earring collection which also includes lots of accents ready for Spring’s arrival. A nice example of this are our Weathered Hoop Cascade Clip On Earrings. With their whitened, slightly grunge finishing, they’ll go perfect with worn denim and a brightly coloured top:

Weathered Hoop Cascade Clip On Earrings

Weathered Hoop Cascade Clip On Earrings

Lastly there are a few variations on popular designs, like these Red Gold Crystal Flower clip on earrings:

Red Gold Crystal Flower Drop Clip On Earrings

Red Gold Crystal Flower Drop Clip On Earrings

Previously available in a strong black, this clip on earring design proved a festive favourite and the choice of colour palette now gives extra versatility to a gorgeous earring. Please take a look through our new releases and let us know what you like and what you love!

Our Hit Burlesque Black Beaded Clip On Earrings Make The Final Dance

Amidst much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we announce that it’s the end of the road for our Burlesque style Black Beaded Clip On Earrings:

Black Beaded Clip On Earrings

Black Beaded Clip On Earrings

There is a slim possibility we may commission another run of this hugely popular clip on earring and also that we may run a variation. But for now, it’s final waltz. If you got a pair, keep them close!

Be Kind To Small Animals

We wanted to commit to a New Year’s resolution to be animal free but we just couldn’t. They’re too cute! Instead of eating them, we’re going to take our favourite little creatures with us everywhere in our extended range of cute characters clip on earrings. Here are some of the highlights from this new range in our Minxy’s Jewellery collection.

Feeling Purrrfect

In three variations, our kitten clip on mini hoop earrings are one to get your curiosity going!

Kitten's Play Clip On Hoop Earrings
Kitten’s Play Clip On Hoop Earrings – £14.99

Feline Attractions Clip On Earrings - Gold Cat
Feline Attractions Hoop Clip On Earrings – Gold Cat – £17.99
– Also available in Silver

You’re Off Your Rocker!

The great thing about being cute is you can be a bit crazy too! Birds and rocking horses are playful.

Rocking Bird Clip On Earrings - Gold
Rocking Bird Clip On Earrings – Gold – £27.99

Crystal Rocking Horse Clip On Earrings - Silver
Crystal Rocking Horse Clip On Earrings – Silver – £19.99

The Golden Globes

Our Golden Globes Clip On Earrings have become an internet sensation with fashionistas using them for all kinds of mood boards on Polyvore from Definately Gold:

GOLD for golden globe

…through to Rhianna:
Here’s the winning clip earring in it’s full glory!
Golden Globe Drop Clip On Earrings
Golden Globe Drop Clip On Earrings – £14.99

All of the Minxy’s Jewellery collection of clip on earrings are finished to last and come in keep safe boxes. Prices start from the £8 mark and go up to around £30 making quirky fun accessible! Take a browse through the full range of almost 40 clip earrings here.