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About Us

Make Me Beautiful is owned and operated by Sugati Ltd, a privately owned company established 2000 by Charlotte Freyja-Richwoods FRSA. We started listing just a handful of clip on earrings on the internet and soon found customers were asking us for new designs and styles. One thing led to another and in just a few years we looked back to find we had hundreds of different clip on earrings available! The number of copy-cat sites that have mimicked our style and ranges and the growth in demand for non-pierced earrings has been a great flattery for us and a testament to a job well done.

Some of our clip on earring designs are sourced from small independent studios and designers in London and in addition to that we also offer imported jewellery for the fashion conscious who want affordable costume jewellery. We also take ethical and fair trade designers that are otherwise side lined and help them reach a wider audience. We've worked with great jewellery brands and designers like Fiorelli, Kitty, DesignSix, On A String, Adele Marie and many more to create the most fantastic and desirable collection of non-pierced earrings you can find anywhere!

In addition to nurturing ethical, up and coming and designer labels, we have a fundamental guiding philosophy. We want to make women beautiful. Some women do not want to have their ears pierced and are against body modifications. Many more have suffered from allergies as a result of piercings. Some have gotten keloid scars and we've heard far too many women tell us that they've had pierced earrings which have been yanked out, sometimes by children and often permanently disfiguring their ear lobes.

We believe that everyone has beauty within them and that you needn't hurt yourself to share that with the world. For that reason, we've gone to great lengths to make our clip on earring ranges acceptable to those with the most sensitive allergies, to make them accessible for all budgets and most of all to make them fun for everyone. You no longer need piercings to be at the height of fashion or up to date with the latest trends. Shop with us and we'll make you beautiful.

Supporting The Fashion Industry

We hold to a strong code of ethics in the belief that doing the right thing always makes an organisation more valuable to it's customers and owners.

1 - To maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics

2 - To comply with all Government laws and regulations relating to the jewellery, watches and related industries

3 - To provide a standard of product and service of the highest possible quality commensurate with price

4 - To establish clearly the guarantee or service policy regarding all merchandise and to fulfill that policy.

5 - To provide knowledgeable and competent expertise and clearly indicate the true quality of products offered for sale

6 - To adhere to sound business practices and thus ensure continuing service to customers and suppliers alike

7 - To refrain from all forms of design copyright and trademark infringement

8 - To refrain from trading in Conflict Diamonds

Environmentally Responsible Business

We're firm believers in sustainability and we're actively working to build these values into all that we do. From simple things like only using recycled paper in our offices and carbon offsetting our IT and business mileage to selecting delivery partners that are carbon neutral, we're working to safeguard the planet.

We're working with brands and suppliers to reduce excess packaging, make the packaging that must be used more environmentally friendly and to reduce excess emissions by smarter supply chain management. Wherever possible we reuse the bubble wrap suppliers use to deliver to us. This has meant that we've not commissioned plastic wrap for customers since 2010. In addition, whatever can be salvaged from the cardboard and paper used in our business is shredded and composted.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom? Can we come and pick up?
Like Amazon and ASOS, we currently operate solely as a mail order business and do not currently have a customer facing showroom. We do not have customer visits due to health and safety restrictions at our distribution center.

Where are you based?
We are based in Wimbledon, South West London. Orders are shipped from here too which means delivery is quick as we're connected to London's major postal hub, courier routes and international airports. We aim to have orders in the post to you within 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

Do you have all your items in stock?
We will have 99% of the items you see online in stock at any one point in time. Our systems synchronise stock levels between our warehouse, websites and distribution channels every 10 minutes. Items that are out of stock are made invisible so that they can't be ordered if we can't fulfill them quickly. Occasionally, despite our systems best attempts, we oversell a particular item within the 10 minutes between synchronisations. If that happens we try to contact you and find out the best way of resolving it. Sometimes we can have more made, sometimes we may need to offer an alternative or a refund. In all cases we aim to deal with it promptly and courteously.

Do you have a print catalogue?
We currently source the majority of our items as short run limited editions simply because there aren't that many clip on earring wearers out there. It's therefore hard for us to offer a catalogue as lines often sell out by the time cheques arrive! We welcome you to place orders through our website and select the pay by cheque option as we can reserve your items for you, however for the time being we are reluctant to offer a print catalogue for the above reasons.

When do you release new season's collections?
There's always a time lag for us between finding great new clip on earring lines, having those clip on earrings photographed and then getting them moved up onto the site. We try to get new clip on earrings online every month although during busy periods it tends to be all hands on deck and slows down. There is no fixed schedule although we do set ourselves the goal of launching some new lines every month.

Are your clip on earrings hypo-allergenic?
All the lines we have made in the UK are hypo-allergenic, EU nickel standards compliant and hallmarked if appropriate. We use only hypo-allergenic findings made of base metal and then coated with either silver, rhodium or gold as appropriate. The base metal is no more likely to give you an allergy than your knife and fork at home and is important as a pure silver or gold clip would be expensive and yet prone to breaking - silver and gold in their pure form are very soft. Therefore the base inner with the plated exterior creates both a durable and lasting clip that has a fantastic, quality finish, is bright in tone and ticks all the right boxes for allergy sufferers.

To the best of our knowledge all of our import lines also meet these standards. We're all nickel sensitive clip on earring wearers here and we wear most of our own lines ourselves as well as asking suppliers up front that they meet those standards which helps us avoid the sting of cheap clip on earrings. If ever one of the lines we stock does cause irritation to you, please do let us know. We take nickel compliance very seriously and we suspend jewellery suppliers who ever fail us in our quest to supply only quality earrings that are suitable for all.

Do you supply wholesale?
Yes, we are the EU distributor for our range of clip on earring accessories and we are able to offer wholesale on some other lines too. Call us if you want details - 0208 123 9800.

How safe is your website?
We've enlisted the heavyweights to make sure our website offers the highest standards. For online payments, you can pay by either WorldPay or PayPal. Both offer the latest encrypted security and before you enter any financial details you will be transferred to their fully secure websites.

For our own website, we pay security experts Sucuri to scan our entire site constantly, making sure it's free from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. Below you can see their trust seal. Feel free to click it to see Sucuri's live verification that we are :

Anything else?
Are there things you'd like to see as a clip on earring wearer? Are there things we should be doing more of? Please tell us!

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